RECENT ROAD CONDITIONS 12 May - 12 June 2008

Yellowhead Highway: 14-16 May. Jasper to Prince Rupert
Good condition; no construction delays.

Cassiar Highway: 16-18 May.
Good asphalt from south junction to Bell II (150 miles)
Good newer seal coat from Bell II to Bob Quinn Lake, then older surface to Iskut. Watch out for pot holes and pavement breaks in older stretches. Five miles of gravel north of Burrage Creek. New surface north of Burrage Creek.
Newer seal coat from Iskut to north of Dease Lake, with a mile of gravel south of Stikine River crossing and three miles of gravel north. May be some construction on north side of crossing due to 2007 slide.
Gravel starts at Water's Edge Campgound and ends at north end of Dease Lake. This is hard-packed brown clay and usually as good as pavement. Shoulders get soft in wet weather.
Older seal coat starts at Jade City with pavement breaks and pot holes. Stretches of new pavement. 20 miles south of junction (Blue River) a 15 mile stretch of wide pavement breaks begins. These breaks were muddy when we passed through but are probably patched with gravel by now. 
Cassiar Highway generally has little or no shoulder area. Watch for washed out shoulders, and stay off new shoulder gavel. No gas available at Meziadin Junction. Glacier Highway to Stewart/Hyder in good condition except some slide clearing near Bear Gacier.

Alaska Highway: 17-19 May. Watson Lake to Tok
Major construction along south shore of Kluane Lake. Frost heaves and dips from Burwash Landing to Border. Expect dusty stretches of new stones. In Alaska, pavement breaks persist from earthquake damage. Asphalt surface with fewer frost heaves due to higher ground.

Tok Cutoff: 19 May. 
Good pavement to pass. Pavement breaks in pass and especially in Slana Flats area. Some new stones south of pass. Frost heaves increase approaching Glennallen.

Richardson Highway: May 19. Glennallen to Valdez.
Frost heaves north and south of Glennallen, decreasing approaching Thompson Pass. No construction delays encountered.

Glenn Highway: May 20-22. Glennallen to Anchorage. 
Frost heaves west of Glennallen decreasing as road rises. Watch for moose on road. Construction continues in Hicks Creek area with nightime closures and blasting. Expect delays.

Seward Highway: May 22-23. Anchorage to Seward.
No construction problems. Heavy traffic along Turnagain Arm on weekends. Watch for pedestrians near Bird Creek.

Sterling Highway: May 23-25. Junction to Homer.
No construction problems. Watch for pedestrians near ferry.

Parks Highway: May 26-26 Wasilla to Denali NP
Very good surface to Broad Pass. Heavy local traffic Wasilla to Willow. Anticipate lane changes for turns. Slow down approaching Broad Pass area as frost heaves and pavement breaks will become more prevalent. Occassional brief construction areas. Heavy local traffic in business area north of NP gate, but no construction.

Denali Highway: 27 May. Cantwell to Paxson
Gravel generally in good condition with smaller stones and washboard to west and courser gravel to east of Stikine River. Recommend driving 35 mph. Watch out for graders on road. Dusty conditions in calm winds.

Richardson Highway: May 27. Paxson to Fairbanks.
Construction area and road closures from east of North Pole to Steese Highway; may be completed in part by mid June.

Alaska Highway: 28 May. Delta to Tok. 
No problems

Taylor Highway/ Top of the World Highway: 29 May. Tok to Dawson
Good pavement from junction to Chicken with usual pavement breaks and frost heaves. Gravel from Chicken to border well graded but be careful on narrow curves. Slow down or stop to allow oncoming traffic to pass. Could be dusty. From border to Dawson stretches of seal coat have reverted to gravel. Also watch for dusty new stones.

Klondike Highway: 30 May. Dawson City to Whitehorse.
Good seal coat with stretches of construction with grading and new stones. May be some pilot cars and flaggers.

Haines Highway: May 31. Haines Junction to Haines.
No problems. This is an excellent asphalt highway.

South Klondike Highway: June 2. Skagway to Whitehorse.
No problems

Alaska Highway: June 2-6. Whitehorse to Dawson Creek
Three areas of graded roadway and fresh gravel between Swan Lake and Swift River. Bridge construction between Summit and Tetsa River. Areas of construction (crack sealing) around Prophet River.

Hart Highway. June 6. Dawson Creek to Prince George.
In good condition except for some construction (repair) north of pass. We were told that paving operations would soon start from Prince George working north. Present pavement is in need of replacement.

These observations are valid for the dates given only, due to rapidly changing and unanticipated conditions. Travelers are welcome to E-mail us to contribute to this page, but please use specifics, not generalities.

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