We update our information by personally visiting nearly every RV park and campground every year.
We are "on demand" publishers and can update our book with every volume, changing pages as necessary to insure complete & accurate information.
We update our maps with every printing, and usually print just 500 copies of each at a time.
We support our products with timely updates on this site and immediate response to E-mail inquiries.
Buy only what you need to complete your trip.
Rodger: I just wanted you to know how much we appreciated the information you had listed on the RV parks/campgrounds in BC, YT and AK. I can't tell you how much we used in on our trip. We just returned home today after five weeks on the road driving from Florida to Alaska and your information helped more than all the other books and guides I have. . . Thanks again for all your input.
Vera Sherman, Frostproof, Florida, 29 July, 2001


WARNING: This book is not pretty! Because our book is only advertised and sold through this web site, or direct from our office, we aren't concerned with having a lot of colorful photos and ads to entice book store browsers. We do have hundreds of photos and ads, but they're all on this web site.
Book has about 180 pages of text covering General Information, Approach Routes, Alaska Marine Highway, Northern British Columbia, Yukon, Alaska, Dalton and Dempster Highways, geography and natural history, etc. The Directory is in table format with 22 cells per listing. All private and public RV/campgrounds are covered. Information includes type of services and facilities as well as hiking and fishing, cost for government sites, contact number,
Book size is a convenient 3.67 x 8.5 inches, about 3/4 inches thick.
Laminated cover, comb binding, large print, 20-pound paper, mileage chart on back.
Directory lists every RV park and campground by highway and mile, including phone number, basic services and facilities.
SPECIAL EDITIONS: Because we are now producing the books in house, on our own copier, we can better tailor your order to your needs. People taking the Grand Tour, driving to and through Alaska from the lower 48, will need the complete set. Those who are flying in and out of Anchorage or Fairbanks or Whitehorse or another destination can now buy an abbreviated version for either Alaska or Canada (Yukon and BC). Each contains all of the General Information, but eliminates pages that refer to roads you will not travel. If you are uncertain please E-mail and we will discuss your needs before you send payment.
For special editions deduct an additional $4US ($6CN) from your price. Remember to also deduct for the maps you will not need.

Some Info

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Four maps available: Northern British Columbia, Yukon, Alaska, Dalton/Dempster Highways.
Easy to read texts and symbols VIEW SAMPLE
Location of every RV park and campground, rest areas with toilets, fuel stops, dining and lodging, repairs, info centers, emergency numbers, mountain elevations, scenic views, must-see attractions, places to fish, much more.
General road conditions and route suggestions.
Convenient 18 x 24 inch size.
Folds to same size as book (about 4x9 inches).
AVAILABILITY: Because our maps are updated frequently your order may come between printings. We will ship the latest version available at the time, updated to include our most recent information.
PRICES: $US/$Canadian/Other foreign S&H included for all orders; tax included where applicable. Foreign prices are in $US; PayPal accepts payments in EUROs, pounds, yen, $CN. Use the currency equivalent.
Book & Directory w/4 maps: $24/$35/$32
Book & Directory w/3 maps: $22/$32/$30
Book & Directory w/2 maps: $20/$29/$28
Book & Directory w/1 map: $18/$26/$26
Maps ordered separately: $3.50/$5/$6 each
Any three maps: $10/$15/$16
Four maps: $12/$18/$20
For SPECIAL EDITIONS deduct $4/$6/$4
Choose what you need. If in doubt, E-mail us for advice.
Order by E-mail. We will begin to assemble your book as soon as the order arrives. Please include some of the following info so we can serve you better (optional).
Dates of trip (start/finish)
Type of vehicle. Any tows?
Planned route
Expectations (what do you want to see and do?)
Any specific questions or concerns
US and Canada customers: send a check to:
KARO Enterprises,
W10203 Carol Road,
Merrillan, WI 54754
CANADA CUSTOMERS: Write cheque in Canadian dollars on a Canadian bank, made out to Rodger or Karen Found. We have a personal savings account in Whitehorse, and spend all of our Canadian dollars in Canada. 7% GST is included in price. You should not be required to pay a customs fee to the Postal Service Or

Pay with a credit card or check through PAYPAL. PayPal is owned by ebay and is a secure server. Foreign orders must be paid through Paypal.
We will ship by U.S. mail as soon as check arrives or when we are notified by PayPal of payment received. After your book and maps arrive, look them over and be sure to E-mail us with any questions, comments, or concerns. Our goal is to help make your trip as enjoyable and memorable as possible
E-mail any specific question and we'll give you an immediate response. But please, go over the material first. We often get questions like "Can you tell me the name of a campground between Whitehorse and Haines Junction?" It's all here folks, and reading it is a lot easier than our job. By the way, we don't take reservations or forward E-mails.
If you live in the upper midwest, stop by our office, six miles north of Black River Falls (take exit 115 from I-94) and we'll spend a few hours with you answering every question you can think of and a lot you can't. Call or E-mail to make an appointment (715) 333-8541, and remember, our office leaves town around Memorial Day.

Costs can normally be broken down into fuel, lodging, meals, and incidentals.
In 2003, gas was running about $1.58 at Black River Falls when we left home, and stayed the same all summer. Prices were quite high in Canada, even in the south. Along the Alaska Highway prices varied from $.82 to $.84/liter. Exceptions were Dawson Creek, which competes with Alberta ($.67) and a few places in between the cities that were a few cents cheaper. Up in Dawson City price was nearly a dollar a liter. That works out to $2.38US/galUS in Whitehorse, and $2.77US/galUS in Dawson. Fairbanks was cheaper than Anchorage; $1.54/gal vs. $1.67-$1.74. Soldotna-Kenai was in the $1.80s; Valdez, Haines, Seward, Homer, Skagway all in the $1.90s. Over all, our most expensive year for gas ever, despite the sharp drop in prices in the Lower 48 just before we left.
Lodging (RV park and campground fees) vary considerably. Without going into details, we think it would be reasonable to estimate $18-25/night for serviced RV sites. Of course, Anchorage, Denali area, Kenai Peninsula, and Fairbanks will be much higher. We don't give prices on this site, but you can follow the links to check prices at specific locations, if available. Government campgrounds are $15 in BC, $12 in Yukon, $6 to 15 in Alaska depending on agency. There are a few free campgrounds.
In Canada we find that meal prices are comparible to the U.S. In other words, you can get a good restaurant sandwich (patty melt, French dip, etc. with fries for about $8 Canadian, which right now would work out to about six bucks. Your bottle of Yukon Gold will add another $4. Snacks and dairy are more expensive in Canada and Alaska, and you pay more at fast food chains for the same slop you get at home. Stock up at the big chains (Overwaitea in Canada, Safeway/Carrs in Alaska). Check Sam's Club for bulk baked goods and snacks like peanuts. Get Costco and Carrs Cards. Use military exchanges and commissaries if eligible.
For discount souvenirs, and especially sweat shirts, Ts, hats, etc. stop at the outlet in the Westmark in Tok and the similar outlet in Healy (north of Denali). Skagway also has discount oulets. There will be lots of specials, especially if travel is down. Last year (2002) it was down about 20-30% and there were lots of good deals on souviners and tours. The problem is not so much finding a good price, but finding exactly what you want at a good price. And don't expect to find something you're undecided about still there when you come back. Business are anxious to sell all as fast as possible.
Note that we do not offer prices on any of our RV park ads, and most do not put prices on their own web sites. Although prices have remained fairly steady over the last ten years, they are always subject to change without notice. The price of fuel has a direct influence because, in remote areas, parks must generate their own electricity.