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Since 1996, we have been a leader in providing information to Alaska bound travelers through our web site, our unique maps, and our handy guide book Practical Land-Yacht Navigator. Between 1996 and our most recent 2003 trip we have covered over 160,000 miles by van, small plane, ferry, and bus to keep our information current and accurate. Another 50,000 miles were traveled from 1992 to 1995. We hope you will find the answers you need from this web site and our maps and book. If not, please E-mail us your specific questions and we will be happy to provide an immediate response. Because of the many questions we get about future fuel costs, we have added a section for ESTIMATING COSTS. But we still can't predict future fuel prices! Visit the NOTES page for a description our most recently completed trips. KARO MAPS cover Northern British Columbia, the Yukon, Alaska, and the Dalton and Dempster Highways. The four unique maps include information about all of the private RV parks and public campgrounds along all of the routes you are most likely to travel. We also show rest areas with toilets, day-use areas, lodging, restaurants, gas stations, info centers, places of interest, elevations, places where access is available for fishing, and much more. The maps are sold through this site and by about 80 retailers north and west of Prince George, BC. GUIDE BOOK: The Practical Land Yacht Navigator is a handy guide to all of the routes, and includes a complete campground directory. This is a 21st century product, published in our office and available only through this web site. We know, from years of experience, that no one book can answer every question. By publishing an interactive guide, we can help people plan every aspect of their trip by combining the guide, maps, this web site, and our immediate response to specific questions by E-mail. For ordering information click the second button, above. WE NOW ACCEPT PAYMENTS VIA PAYPAL. See PLYN/Ordering

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Navigating This Site This site is best viewed with Internet Explorer. All of the pages on this site, including over 50 resident home pages, use the format you see here. Links to pages within the KARO site are posted at the left. External links can be made using the blue, underlined names or through the LINKS page. If an advertiser has a KARO hosted site, you will first go there, then be able to access any other sites or E-mail. Your back and forward browser commands can also be used. We have tried to organize the material in a logical trip order for those driving all the way from the lower 48 to Alaska. First, go to the START page, read the brief introduction, skip to the Northern BC Page, then either head north on the John Hart Highway or west on the Yellowhead. If you are starting at some other point, simply jump in using the buttons at left. If you get lost, or are looking for a specific highway or campground, go to the proper LIST page. You can also find out more about us and our maps and books, get some general information, including recent gas prices, and read notes about new things we encountered on our latest trips. Since we have inserted several hundred images, older computers may take some time to load. To update your copies of our maps with the latest information, visit the FAQ/ERRATA section.


About our Advertisers We do not make reservations for any of the businsses listed on these pages. Use the contact information we have provided. We charge a modest one-time fee to RV/campgrounds that advertise on these pages. All are identified by BOLD CAPITALS in the text. BLUE UNDERLINED NAMES indicate a link to either E-mail or another web site. Names not underlined have no Internet presence other than KARO as yet. Our sponsors make this site and our annual trip possible. Please frequent their campgrounds and services. We can say, without exception, that they are all wonderful people who are eager to make your trip a memorable and enjoyable one. And be sure to mention our site to anyone you stay with, if you saw information about their facilities here. Most owners keep track of where tourists first heard about their businesses to better allocate their advertising dollars.

Mileage Markers Information on these pages is arranged in mile post order. Along some highways, businesses use these numbers as addresses. In Canada, physical markers are for kilometers. Our mileages are derived from these posts by multiplying by .6, except for the Alaska Highway, where we use Historical Miles. Since other popular guides use these same methods, you can easily cross-reference to their pages. Read the introductory material at the beginning of each section to see how mileages are calculated for those routes. Black mileages show junctions, communities, and geographical features. Green is used to identify public campgrounds, including federal, state, provincial, and municipal facilities. Red mileages mark private RV parks and campgrounds. Blue is used to indicate the presence of a link to a web site or E-mail. Magenta or yellow denotes special information or comments. Page Colors There are six sections to this site. With the exception of this index page, pages with general information are white with a blue band to the left. All other pages have solid backgrounds. Northern British Columbia pages are grey; Yukon blue; Alaska tan. The Alaska Highway crosses all three of these regions and page colors reflect the location of the road. However, all Alaska Highway pages have white, rather than black, text. The more than fifty hosted web sites employ a variety of background schemes without regard to location. We suggest that you use the laptop, notebook, or PC you plan to travel with when planning your trip. All of the pages you visit can be saved in your browser cache and remain available off line. Twitter Page : togel online hongkong

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